Grace EP

by Casey Stratton



This EP features the official music video for Grace, directed and edited by JD Urban with additional videography by Terry Johnston. Filmed in Fountain Street Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Many thanks to them.

This EP also features 6 previously unreleased recordings.


released December 29, 2013


all rights reserved



Casey Stratton Grand Rapids

Formerly signed to Sony Classical, Casey Stratton has experienced the corporate side of music in full force. His 2004 album "Standing at the Edge" received high critical praise from the likes of Billboard, People and USA Today. His song "House of Jupiter" reached #1 on the Billboard Dance/Club Play Chart. Now independent, Casey has released 28 albums and much, much more. ... more

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Track Name: Grace
You showed up just in time
When I needed so much
I took it as a sign
It was more than just luck
And I knew you were mine
When I saw in your eyes
Understanding and hope
You and me, both

When you entered my life
So soon after a loss
Wasn't sure I could find
A path back to love
But in seconds I saw
It was there all along
So I opened my heart
It was only the start

Now I've seen grace
In the dark and the light
In the right place 
At the right time

I had lost all my hope
When I lost those three souls
Until fate came again
Put the moon in my hand
For all that I know
Those before had a role
And they sent you to me
Saw what I couldn't see

Such a shift toward such change
Not as painful this time
But a whirlwind no less
I held on for dear life
But I stayed on the path
With machete in hand
Cleared the way for the truth
To offer me proof

I should not have been so surprised
I always keep my heart tuned for signs
A frequency I never lost in my life
Track Name: God Save Your Queen (2001 Recording)
There were two camps
One blue, one red
We sailed these lakes
In hopes of finding land
Our leader said “She needs the blood
Of a woman to bring her love”
I was afraid
No one would speak
I took the staff
And said my peace

Look to the skies
God save your queen
You can take me as your sacrifice
I will give my life
God save your queen
You can take me

I was no threat
There was no reason
But my exile fell into my hands
They gave me flowers
They burned the trees
Then laid me down in the ground
Why am woman?
Why not a man?
If I am willing
Take of my body

Fill me with peace
Give me freedom please
I am not afraid to die
Don’t feed our goddess upon the blood of our priestess
Bring her release
Track Name: Denouement (Demo)
You must understand what’s at stake
I don’t want to leave but the plans have been made
So please pray for me

No wants this more than me
But some things simply cannot be

And they said it was time and I believed it
Maybe a lie, but I believed it

Mark down the date and I will return
Will changing fate as the fires burn
And you can light your own flame to guide us home
I’ll make it back to you, it must be done

I don’t want to leave you now
You must believe that
But the choice is not mine to make
An unjust war with far too many victims to name
Track Name: I Won't Let Go Just Yet (2013 Mix)
I feel the touch of your hand
As Midwinter approaches
Though you are gone I can sense you in the dark
I know just where you are

Though you’ve been gone for some time
Though I’ve gone on with my life
Still as December descends I feel you here
Your spirit shining clear

So I remember your smile
So I remember

The times we shared
Nothing can erase them
You are there, painted in my memories
Everywhere, made of light and shadow
I hold you there
I won’t just let go just yet

I hear your voice on the wind
Telling me stories like always
And as the snow falls, I send a song to you
That only we knew

So I remember the love
So I remember

I feel a peace in my heart
I feel that we never parted
I know you’re never too far away
Your spirit remains