Myth & Stars Part 1: Bridges of Myth

by Casey Stratton



released September 21, 2010

Photo by Terry Johnston


all rights reserved



Casey Stratton Grand Rapids

Formerly signed to Sony Classical, Casey Stratton has experienced the corporate side of music in full force. His 2004 album "Standing at the Edge" received high critical praise from the likes of Billboard, People and USA Today. His song "House of Jupiter" reached #1 on the Billboard Dance/Club Play Chart. Now independent, Casey has released 28 albums and much, much more. ... more

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Track Name: Revolution

So what happens now?
I would suppose we simply wait
And I wonder how
Evolution will seal our fate?

I heard that the plans have all been made
Through the wires we’ll attempt escape
In a sea of green we’ll evade them

Here revolution brings a change
It’s the dawn of our gilded age
Always forward, never back
This oppression cannot last

Time will be on our side
Wait for the perfect moment when
The stars will all align
The answer will ring clearly then

One voice will give way to our common refrain
And the sound will do all to explain
They will know we’ve made the change then

The world is on our side
We can rise against these tides
And open the door, just like before
We’ll win the war
Track Name: Seven Sisters
Seven Sisters

Betwixt and between amidst the stars and
Here we must connect the dots

Well gone dry from the drought
Claw at the sides to get out
Sky up above full of stars
Your constellation shines afar

In between the beginning and the end
Seems to me a supernova again

At the end of it all
These seven sisters will fall
At the sound of my call
These seven sisters will fall

No surprise that I melt
I forgot about myself
Left exposed I became
Something for the wind to erode away

One last dream comes to me
One last night to gaze at the lights
Cause even the stars in the sky have to die
Even the stars in the sky have to die
Track Name: Hunter

In a forest, with a raging wind
You searched for your belief
It was harder than you bargained for
You thought you’d been deceived

I remember when you first declared
That you’d find what had been lost
In the garden of a distant dream
You’d move forward at any cost

I heard you were hunting for her
The Mother of this Earth
Never ending your search
You had to find her

Over mountains to a shining sea
The stars guided you home
In the distance was a promised dream
And your pilgrimage to walk alone

You had to keep going on
You had to find what was gone
Had to hold on to hope
You had to hold on
Track Name: A Little Ending
A Little Ending

I still remember the smell of the garden
Wilting though September, no seasonal pardon

Do you remember the myth that I carried?
When we were together, you were my adversary

Fear not for the roses
They were never pretending
They’ll surely return from a little ending
A little ending
With a little mending
A little mending

I knew Forever when she made the promise
An infinite tether to a universe beyond this

Make me a garden and make me a sea
Build me a life here and make me believe
Track Name: Pegasus

Bring the water up from the ground as I
Hear the song, those muses sing along
I can heal this, I can be a Pegasus
Make a spring and move on from everything

When the day comes that I must leave this place
I will call for the wind and fly away

You’ll know it’s time
See it in my eyes
So much will change
I’ll turn the page
And maybe I will get back my life
So much that I can survive

From the Earth I’ll rise, when the seasons change
Spread my wings and ascend toward clearer skies

When the moment comes that sound replaces light
I will call to the clouds and make things right

I feel that things can get better
I know who I am
And the song that I will have sung
Will only be one of many that someday come
I’ve begun to carry the sun
So there I will run when rain will surely come
Track Name: Not the Same Place
Not the Same Place

The years we were estranged
I gradually changed
And hurled the anger overboard
A calm I couldn’t ignore

But still I bathed in this pain
I think I overpaid
So here and now I somehow doubt
I should be over this by now

Here is comes again
I am lost in this
And I won’t come here again
This is not the same place that I left

Where did I leave my sight?
When did mortality arrive?
As time was turning I was still
So if you won’t push me, I will

For the time I’ll stay where I might
Heal these wounds and gain back my sight
I will not return again
I will not die again
Track Name: The Human Chain
The Human Chain

In the back of a house of pain
Temporarily insane
I picked up the sharpest blade
I’d take care of that pretty face

In the throes of a jealous rage
You broke another window
Then went back into your cage
Rage is a deadly sin, you know

When the heart is involved
No way to see straight
As much as we’ve evolved
It may be too late
We’re all just one more link
In the human chain
One more soul to stain

In the room where it all began
She told a little lie
Then another until she had
Somebody else’s life

When we learn how to manipulate
When we learn how to wound
We can turn on a current of hate
And we turn it on too soon

At the end of a bitter way
He came to an old life
And as hard as he tried
He no longer loved his wife
Track Name: Echoes

Make no mistake
I used to know the way
Take what I gave
It’s yours to save

Whisper the secret I couldn’t say
I’m tired of the weight that it gives this place

So far away
Lost in the echoes
I can’t remember, the picture fades
No easy way to say what I said, so
I’m paying the price for it
Guess it cost me this

No way to hide
The truth that lies inside

No one can save me it’s far too late
I can’t hide forever from my mistakes

Whisper the secret I couldn’t say
I’m tired of the weight that it gives this place
No one can save me it’s far too late
I can’t hide forever from my mistakes
And whisper the secret I couldn’t say
I couldn’t say
Track Name: Days Go By
Days Go By

You open your eyes
There may be a different side you’re showing this time
A marked page that ends this

Save it for another time when we are both heading North
Still as these days go by we travel back and forth
And I don’t know what for

Well there you go
There lies the symptom that made me want to know
If we could ever get home

No real surprise there
I am like an open book
And you are like a chapter
That I mistook for the whole story

Days go by
We’re flying across the skies as
Days go by
I don’t know why
Track Name: Ready or Not
Ready or Not

When it matters, you’d better show up
I know just how to find you anyway
When I shatter, when this blows up
I’ll find it hard to hear just what you say

Ready or not, here I come
I’ll give you all I’ve got
Twisted into knots
And you must make some sense
Out of all of this
And bring your best defense to it

I’m not a stranger, we’ve cleared a wide path
And we lived inside the boundaries made of stone
Loving danger, I smashed the safety glass
If I can’t have what I want, I’d rather live alone

Where do all these fragments come from?
Unresolved, they do more harm
Will there be more than what we’ve seen?
Can we find it in between?
Track Name: Stories

Remember this moment
It won’t come again
And keep it near
Hold it close to your soul
Don’t let it go
I can’t guard it forever
I can’t predict the weather

The wind spins out a story
Grab onto the pieces
And fit them all where they belong
One day I’ll tell the children
How it came to pass
This world inside the glass

And maybe someone will be saved
Maybe someone will be changed
For these stories are the gifts that we will leave behind
This is how they’ll know our lives
When we capture a moment in time

As time goes on, and memories fade
I’ll know that I have saved what I could save
And made what I could make
One day when I fade away
These stories will remain

And maybe someone will be saved
Maybe someone will be changed
By these stories that remain forever
These are the gifts we’ll leave behind
This is how they’ll know our lives
When we capture these moments in time

Remember this moment
It won’t come again
And hold it close to your soul
Track Name: The Elysian Fields
The Elysian Fields

A mother lays in the dark and prays
Will her love be enough to keep him safe
What God would take a boy who’s barely grown yet?
He must come back
So much lies ahead

A father sits as the sun goes down
Will his hope be enough to bring her home
What God would take a girl who’s barely twenty?
Please bring her back
So much lies ahead

All that we want is a compromise
The killing to end on both sides