The Calling of the Crows

by Casey Stratton



Casey's 1st "regular" outing since 2010's Myth & Stars, The Calling of the Crows is an examination of grief and life moving on after loss, focusing on the many emotions along the way.

The released download will include a digital booklet.


released May 16, 2012

Casey - Vocals, Piano, Guitars, keyboards, Percussion, Drum Editing, Mixing.

Produced, performed, engineered and mixed by Casey Stratton

All songs written by Casey Stratton -

Photography provided by Terry Johnston Photography -

First and foremost I must dedicate this album to Henry William Stratton with the deepest gratitude and love for the 16 years of immense joy you brought to my life. Ups and downs, cities and towns, we spent a lot of time together and I miss you beyond measure every single day. Now and forever...

Terry Johnston - again and again your images are so appreciated to help me tell the story. Your friendship is also a part of the story I am thankful for.

Thank you to my family - without you I would be forever lost.

To my friends: Mario (for the listening sessions as always, for listening to me process and for a shoulder to cry on), Holly (for being there for me always and especially on a terrible day), Tina (for understanding me and hearing me), Cat (What would I have done without you? Your friendship has meant the world and beyond), Bonnie (your generosity astounds me, and so does your
kindness), Diana (our wandering days have been so lovely and your friendship is dear to me), Carnie (my love knows no bounds), Dr. Jen and co, Joey, Ralston, Kolene, Jon, Roberta, Patrick, April, Tony, Rich, Laura, Marcel, Ryan M,
Ryan C, Erin, Amy, Kirsten...I am certain I have forgotten many...apologies.

Lastly to June, Wendy and Charlie - my little family. You brighten my days.


all rights reserved



Casey Stratton Grand Rapids

Formerly signed to Sony Classical, Casey Stratton has experienced the corporate side of music in full force. His 2004 album "Standing at the Edge" received high critical praise from the likes of Billboard, People and USA Today. His song "House of Jupiter" reached #1 on the Billboard Dance/Club Play Chart. Now independent, Casey has released 28 albums and much, much more. ... more

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Track Name: The Bitter Truth
The Bitter Truth

A family torn to shreds by a sickness
Black clouds circling us
In a deep abyss I float like a shadow
Lonely piece of who I was
From the top of the trees I rally the others
Your breathing shallow and slow
It won’t be much longer before we will hover
And we’ll pause to let you go

For a moment we all stop and say goodbye
A silent cry
Then with no need to speak we storm into the skies
Dark lullaby

When the rain came down I tried to take cover
But there would be no escape
Every mind game played before I discovered
I would never be the same

For a moment we all stop and look to you
Our lost one who
We will not forget
But we must keep moving through
The bitter truth

Take the pause
But don’t stop too long
There is so much here to mend
There can be no way to properly send you
But we’ll do what we can
To send, send, send...
Track Name: When The Fates Came
When The Fates Came

A famous shade of grey coming around again
A quiet rage that is making its sound again

When the fates came and destroyed me
When the choice was made to set your soul free
I knew right then no one could save me
So I laid in the water that would take me down

What lies beneath is almost darker than grieving
So day by day I get closer to leaving

Maybe I have learned the hard way
Maybe I can’t see an always
All I trusted, all I wanted
Was taken away
Track Name: Ghosts In The Walls
Ghosts in the Walls

Sound in the air of a raven dead
Candles burn, anointed heads
There is power in the blood, there is strength in fire
Crows in a row on the thin, barbed wire

Bring in the flowers I can hear a storm
Gathering close and gathering form
No one is immune from the cold, white hands
Taking the life of the Everyman

There are ghosts in the walls
Ravens in the trees
Sounding the call
On the evening breeze
There are shapes in the dark
That make me retreat
Can’t feel the calm
But I’m feeling the heat

When I became what I always feared
Part of me left in the sixteen years
Living between what is real and dreams
Threads unraveling from every seam
Track Name: Second Life
Second Life

Can we change the way that this story goes?
Daylight fades and I watch the reflections appearing
So I hope for a chance to begin this again
I can’t be sure of just when I will close this door

Winds of change come through with the sound of you, faintly
In your name I will find all the strength I need
So I wish to get what I want just for once
I am here in this moment because of all that changed

Words cut from the page of another age
From a different stage, from another life
From before you and I
Now me without you I’ll try
To make a second life

I know you’re near me
And you want me to go on
To reach for the sky
By the lake I’ll sing our story
And I’ll know what you brought me
When all this has changed
Track Name: Tears That Know Your Name
Tears That Know Your Name

One day I will trust myself
This place I know too well
These tears that know your name
These fears of never being the same

I tried, God knows I did
I lied to myself about this
Those years are never coming back
These tears are all I will ever have

Just give me strength to move
I’ll do what I can to make it through
I’ll live without you here
When the dark clouds clear
There will be you

I see you everywhere
I turn but no one is ever there
These nights are the hardest part
These lights are never bright enough

I hope you understand
I know I did everything I could
But in the end time always wins
So I must not give in
Track Name: Sacred Tattoo
Sacred Tattoo

Long rows of passing days
Nothing in its place
Hard roads to navigate
Endless cold and grey

And in the end I had to lose
Did what I had to do then
And I could pretend I’ve let go of you
But you are my sacred tattoo

Playing the end over and over again
Torture myself all the time
Holding my breath as you lost yours then
I lost any sense of my life

Please visit me
Just sit with me
Just until I fall back to sleep
My soul is yours to keep

I still feel you
Find you in these landscapes
I’ll always need you
You’ll always be my safe place
My right hand man
My best friend
All I could have asked for, Hen
Track Name: Waiting

Underneath these scars
Lies a hardened heart
In the broken shards
Of a dying art
And the fire that burns
Won’t burn for me
And I won’t return
Too blind to really see

Forget the way that it was
I will never be the same one
I lost a part of myself
And I don’t care what you say now

When I felt that heart
Take its final beat
My own would start
To betray me
And I would not know
For a while how hard
It would be to go
On without my star

Tired of waiting
So tired of all this waiting
So long I’ve been here hating
What I’ve become and hating
What doesn’t change
And more what does
I cannot change what I am now
Tired of waiting
So tired of all this waiting
And still I’m contemplating
What I can do to save me
Is there a chance
To bring this back
To where I can care again?
Track Name: The Roads Of Time
The Roads of Time

I remember when I first saw you
Both of us young, not knowing much of anything
But I knew all at once how I'd grow to love you
In the light of that sun, I felt two becoming one

So we marched on the roads of time
We sailed with the moving tides
And I had you by my side
And we had quite a long ride

But I - I never wanted that day to come
When we would see our last rising sun
And you would leave my life
So I - I fought against what I knew too well
That you would go and I'd be in Hell
I could not brace myself

Now the sun will shine but I turn away
I don't want to see everything that clearly

So I go on moving through time
I sail against the tides
Without you by my side
It is not the same ride

Anywhere I hide, this finds me there
I can see inside, but I can't get there
And I know I must not be down this much
But I can't seem to care enough
Track Name: Wait By The Water
Wait by the Water

Wait by the water
Don’t take the pathway home
It’s not much farther
Than you can bear to go
Tonight, an end in sight
So wait by the water
Don’t take the pathway home

You lost a father
I lost my favorite son
Rallied much longer
Than thought by anyone
I know you had to go
But I wanted longer
You were my chosen one

Here, just stay right here
Don’t hide your eyes
I want to see you understand me
I am by your side
Stay next to mine
Stay on the ride

I find you waiting
Here in a midnight dream
No longer aching
No longer distancing from me
Both of us free
So I hold you near me
If only in this dream
Track Name: Mile Markers
Mile Markers

There’s no way around this
No place I can hide
Even before you got sick
I wasn’t happy
So what is left?

I fully understand this
But I don’t know how to move on
Every mile marker
Reminds me how far you are
I can’t believe the mess I’ve made
Can’t go back
I can’t move ahead
What is that?

All these months that I’ve been in a dark place
Are only another room
In the darkness I have made a prison of chains
So I’m left in my rage again

I won’t beg for you back
No point in trying that
Where you have gone is not my world
It is not my world

I fully understand now
I fully understand
But I don’t know how to move on
I don’t know how to move
Track Name: Elegy

In the mist of the dawning day
I am calling for you to come
And to lay by my tear-stained face
But in the end I am all alone
When you left I became your ghost
Carried you everywhere I’d go
Memories are all I have of you now

In the warmth of the setting sun
I remember the lost days
And the joy that I’ve come to shun
Very slowly finds its way
When you left emptiness became
All I was as I sailed these days
Memories made it hard for me, left to stay

By the light of a silver moon
I walk under star-filled skies
And each time I think of you
Watching over me in the night
When you left I was so alone
Thought of you everywhere I’d go
Memories are all I have of you now
Track Name: Wanderlust

Through the leaves of my regrets
I will sing to you
There could never have been enough time
Through the trees the moon sets
And I think of you
Blow a kiss into the star-filled night sky

Do you still see me?
Do you watch me cry?
Do you still keep me?
Can you let me fly to you?

I am restless in my skin since I let go of you
For a while I was anchored to our home
But now I feel the call of a different view
Through the forests my grief will roam

I won’t be long
I won’t go far
You’re still with me wherever you are

I can see you
Do you still see me?
Do you see me?