Sea Into Sky - Deluxe Version

by Casey Stratton



The deluxe version of "Sea Into Sky" contains the full album plus instrumental versions of each song.


released June 15, 2013


all rights reserved



Casey Stratton Grand Rapids

Formerly signed to Sony Classical, Casey Stratton has experienced the corporate side of music in full force. His 2004 album "Standing at the Edge" received high critical praise from the likes of Billboard, People and USA Today. His song "House of Jupiter" reached #1 on the Billboard Dance/Club Play Chart. Now independent, Casey has released 28 albums and much, much more. ... more

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Track Name: Beneath the Waves
Beneath the Waves

Undine, unseen
undersea, in the deep
Miles of blue, moving through
Cerulean blue, light in view

Are we free?
Come with me
We will be eternity
Horizonless, fathomless
Cosmically blessed
We fluoresce

We let go, a streamline flow
Celestial show, just then, we know
Unresigned, inhabit design
All is aligned - let it shine
Track Name: Love Is Love
Love is Love

Wake up - you're running late
Your evolution will not wait
Shake up those old beliefs
Humanity leans toward what's free

Tell me what makes the heart
Reach out toward the sun and start
Feeling for another heart
It is the same whoever we are

What goes around, it comes around
We're gaining ground
Like the winter into spring, enter our hope
And love is love, enough's enough
Let's stay above
That hard line that separates the hate from us

Make up those angry lies
They will not poison every mind
Allies with hand in hand
So many who understand

Love is love, enough's enough
Track Name: Mountain

I climbed up the mountain
I never expected what
Became of the ground then
All cracks and a shattered soul, I cried
How I cried
Then came the time
To simply fall with the landslide
Find my way to the other side
Find my life in the wreckage of this
Push aside some of this
Look for signs and move toward the light

When everything seems too loud
When everything crashes down
I must find a way out
And so if there is even a spark
I will move through the dark
Full speed ahead toward the stars
Full speed toward all that we are

When I came down the mountain
It was not just an easy ride
One foot, then the other
Til the ground on the other side, I tried
Oh how I tried
To move with time
To simply take on the daylight
I was never one for the sun
I can ride every shadow into the abyss
So good at this
But I resist it and move toward the light

Maybe I can save me
I can stay me
I can begin again
Track Name: Luna

Are you Lonely?
Are you lost from me?
There on the moon
I call you
I won't forget you
I stay by your side

Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
I am calling you...

Open your eyes
See mine
There by your side
There by your side

Never lost
Never lost
Never lost
There on the moon
There on the moon

I see you
I see you
I miss you
Track Name: Nightingales

A Journey brought me here
Underneath a tree of song
Often lost and unsure
But inside I knew all along
That I'd bring you what you need
To find your own song to sing
I take you under my wing

I never knew how much
Reward would come my way
Lift you up to the stars
And watch you fly toward day
In the darkness where I lived
I never expected this
All that I could have missed

I watch you take each step
From one challenge to the next
Sometimes not quite sure
But still you do your best
All we ask from ourselves is that
We pursue that connection with light
In the end you will be all right

One day I’ll look back at this
And know I was meant for it
Made for this
One with this
Track Name: Grace

You showed up just in time
When I needed so much
I took it as a sign
It was more than just luck
And I knew you were mine
When I saw in your eyes
Understanding and hope
You and me, both

When you entered my life
So soon after a loss
Wasn't sure I could find
A path back to love
But in seconds I saw
It was there all along
So I opened my heart
It was only the start

Now I've seen grace
In the dark and the light
In the right place 
At the right time

I had lost all my hope
When I lost those three souls
Until fate came again
Put the moon in my hand
For all that I know
Those before had a role
And they sent you to me
Saw what I couldn't see

Such a shift toward such change
Not as painful this time
But a whirlwind no less
I held on for dear life
But I stayed on the path
With machete in hand
Cleared the way for the truth
To offer me proof

I should not have been so surprised
I always keep my heart tuned for signs
A frequency I never lost in my life
Track Name: Mirrors


You are not, you are not a single you

You are a sky and an ocean
A tremendous YHUUUUUU
A nine hundred times huge
Drowning place for all your hundreds of you's
Track Name: Glow

Only when I breathed again
Only then could I understand
Storms pretend to be the end
And it feels so real right then

But you hold on
I held onto life
And the glow came back 
When I was ready to shine

Years of pain in a dark, cold cave
Rode the wind as it called your names
And I held on
I was lost but I sent out sound
And the moon came back 
When I was ready for "now"

Go on - there is nothing to hold me back
I can slow down - the gravity takes me back to the ground
Lost in our sound

I told myself I would find a way
To make a life where I could say
That I'd moved on
But it holds all our memories
And the story came back
When I was ready to write
Track Name: Open Into Light
Open Into Light

When it closes
You must open

Speak in truth and light will come to you
Dream in worlds where dreams would also dream
With acceptance come a chance to begin
Walk the path and

Open into light
Colors vibrant, bright
A single gift of sight
Is all you need to fight
Open into light

Offer what you thought you could not give
Place your hands upon the edge of night
Feel that darkness, understand its song
Walk the path and open into light...

Where in the clouds are you coming up now?
In the back of the mind is silence
Everything you seek is a part of you
In the deep, in the far, is a falling star
Track Name: Cimmerian Darkness
Cimmerian Darkness

When the black descended like a cloak
In the bleakness, living without hope
In a world at the edge of darkness
Filled with loss upon loss upon loss

How much can be taken?
Left destroyed and broken
Lying with no sound, no light, aching all the time

(Time) with darkness pulling down
Trying to move through black and murky ground
Push against the sorrow and the pain
But they control everything

The only way out is through
Guarded my hope like a most valuable clue

Waited for the smallest
Inkling of a sunrise
Living without sound or light, broken all the time

Feel the cold, black rain
Sinking your stones, filled with pain
Feel the harsh, desperate cries
Moving through all these goodbyes
Track Name: Distant Call
Distant Call

When we wait too long for fortune, for fate
To shine on this place too much is lost on the way

So reach out - the wind won't let you fall
We are one, we are all
Hear the distant call

All these ways we can lose our sense of ourselves
There will be dark days, but they won't be all that we are

Mark this place
If I circle back again
I will know where I am
And how to move ahead
How to move again
Track Name: In the Sky
In the Sky

As light begins to shine
Pink in the eastern sky
You are on my mind
Though far away, I won't let go
Silver cord from soul to soul

When you left I couldn't hold sorrow back
I could not find my strength
And everything went black
But time brought peace back to my life
It will never be goodbye
I will find you in the sky

When grace decided to return
I grabbed what I could hold
And I would not dare let go
Somehow I found a way back to light
I feel you all the time
But it aches so much less inside

I can find you
I can always find you
I can always find you...