The Vigil

by Casey Stratton



released June 14, 2011

Very special thanks to Bonnie Jacobs, Catriona Blain, Kirsten Vangsness, Naomi Owen, Lynne Audsley, Carolyn Gramlich and Mario Leon.


all rights reserved



Casey Stratton Grand Rapids

Formerly signed to Sony Classical, Casey Stratton has experienced the corporate side of music in full force. His 2004 album "Standing at the Edge" received high critical praise from the likes of Billboard, People and USA Today. His song "House of Jupiter" reached #1 on the Billboard Dance/Club Play Chart. Now independent, Casey has released 28 albums and much, much more. ... more

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Track Name: Not Ready
You were saved by the kindness of strangers
It restored my faith in love
Voices raised to the skies like saviors
I was so surprised by their song

And I won’t forget
The way I felt in the darkness
Terrified then
With walls just closing in on me
I wasn’t ready
For you to leave me

We had more time than was ever expected
And I could feel your every breath
I had to find the strength in my center
Synchronized with your heartbeat as you slept

I know it’s coming
Nothing can stop it
Desperately trying
To make my peace with what I cannot change
I’ll be OK when you leave me
Track Name: Soldiers
Soldiers – in battle
They are holding them back
Across the line
On their side

Soldiers – some falling
Survival depends on
Keeping close watch
On the skyline

We must keep going, press ahead
We must keep fighting
Backed up against the mountainside

Soldiers – up against it
Losing battle in the end
Maybe, but we try
Keep on trying
We must keep going, press ahead
We must keep fighting
Backed up against the mountainside
We cannot forget to watch the sky

The mountain towers overhead
I call out “Incoming fire ahead!”
I’ll cover you when you need a hand
I can’t lose tonight

We must keep going, press ahead
We must keep fighting
Backed up against the mountainside
We cannot forget to watch the sky
Danger can hide in plain sight

It’s coming
Track Name: Setting Sun
I was so amazed that you could
Pull yourself back up
Never expected to last the weekend
Then you proved us wrong
Still I can say I was not surprised
It’s you after all
And as the days and weeks go by
Of your final curtain call

It reminds me of so many other times
I witnessed your colossal love for life
Doesn’t seem like you’ll be leaving any time
But I must not close my eyes on
Your setting sun

I could not imagine I’d
Ever love you more than I did
But as we go through these motions
I am closer to you as we live
Tethered to one another like the moon to the waves
From morning to the night you’re near me
As we traverse these days

I won’t leave your side again
You will fall but I don’t know when
So take these tears I’ve cried for you
And let them hydrate you
Track Name: The Vigil
I watch you sleep
In your dream, you’re far from me
Body healing
All these years we’ve shared
Now I’m worried and scared
How will I live without you?

For all you’ve given me
Let me give this to you
A peaceful ending
And a chance for more time
To spend with me
Just until you’re ready
Then I’ll let you go

When I saw your eyes turn to stone
I knew we were here
In your end days

This is all I have to give
I will do what I can
I owe this much to you
For the years you’ve helped me through
When the sky turns cold and black
I will brace myself for the sadness
And our tears will guide me back
And the years will comfort me then
Track Name: Here and Now
Water dripping down lines of pain
Made a deal with time again
No securing a guarantee
Sister guarding you next to me

Long ago when I made the vow
Couldn’t imagine we’d be here now
No preparing to see the fade
No frame of reference when the deal was made

All we have is the here and now
Make the most of what we’re allowed
I can sustain more of this rain

Hearts entangle in time and space
With no way to win the race
Still the morning sun shines again
One more day that we’ll see to the end

Water cascades down
In our here and now
I will keep you close
Never give up hope
Track Name: Acceptance
Wait through the hours of the night
With a shroud of blackness
Chilling the air as you fight
Can you please not go tonight?

When we were told it was time
To prepare to send you home
I turned to stone inside
No way to let you go

Remember all the daylight
And treasure all the good times
I’ll never forget what you mean to me
When you leave me

So I must fine a way to let you go
And take some time to heal my shattered soul
It seems like it will be more than I can bear
But I will press on

The wind sends a sign
This night is not your time
So I come back to life
And I breathe a wounded sigh
Still it lives just outside
This dream world of mine
But I hope and I pray
For at least another day
Track Name: Now and Forever
Resisting the end of this
Holding the angel at bay
I’m wishing for strength in this
Missing the long lost days

And now and forever I’ll be here loving you
And now and forever I’ll do all I can do

Ravaged by time and space
Savage, the end of our days

Hoping against hope
I will hold on to your soul
And I’ll make you a bed of roses and prayers
Where you can rest your head
And take some comfort in knowing
That I am by your side to the very end
Beside you to the very end

I resist this
I will hold on
You can go on
I will hold on
Track Name: Everywhere
Back in ’95 as the morning light
Discovered us, on a rooftop
Love came into my young and dream-filled life
And I brought you home
As the sun came up

And now the palms seem so far away
As you hold on

I knew this time would come someday
But it doesn’t soothe the pain
And I rage quietly all the time
As I try to deny this

Everywhere I’d go you’d be right near
On a plane to Chicago, to New York you were here

And now the Village seems so far away
As we move toward that day

I am moving
Into a place of
Emotions that I am hiding here

I was afraid of the sun before I knew the morning this well
I was afraid of the sunrise
Before I knew the morning this well

You need your rest now
Don’t let me keep you
Track Name: Requiem
Requiem aeternam
Requiem aeternam

Grant then rest
Please grant him rest, eternal
I give you to the light

Your time with me is over now
I set you free from the pain

I send you home
Go on
I send you home

I send you love
Up above
I send you love

Go in peace
You are free
You can go in peace

You will be
You will be with me