Music From Saugatuck Summer

by Casey Stratton



Music referenced in the book Saugatuck Summer by Amelia C. Gormley. Available here:


released May 19, 2014


all rights reserved



Casey Stratton Grand Rapids

Formerly signed to Sony Classical, Casey Stratton has experienced the corporate side of music in full force. His 2004 album "Standing at the Edge" received high critical praise from the likes of Billboard, People and USA Today. His song "House of Jupiter" reached #1 on the Billboard Dance/Club Play Chart. Now independent, Casey has released 28 albums and much, much more. ... more

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Track Name: In Silence
I crawl back inside this shell
I can’t let you in
I’m tapped out
Transitions I cannot bear
This is too much to take in

Your kindness is foreign and strange to me
In silence I lived far too long in the valley of sadness
Alone and feeling nothing
Will it be easy to need you?

I am used to the darkness
Can’t adjust to the light of day that you bring
Nothing has worked out before
Why should it work this time?

Here again I find myself afraid
Never knowing what each day will bring
Track Name: Broken Sky (Live)
Fall into darkened clouds
Rain upon the ground
I can feel you seeping into me
One day I’ll find the strength
To learn to make the rain
But for now I need it from you

Still pushing against the wind
Covered in shame and sin
I need to be absolved of this
When time stands still and dies
We’ll say our last goodbyes
And I’ll be on my own

When dreams are sent into a broken sky
They’ve got no chance to fly
And I’ve dreamed away my life
So please tell me everything you know
Show me how you’ve made this so
Cause I’ve got no place to go

Not sure how I lost my way
Tried to go but I stayed
I can’t seem to play this game
I thought I’d found the road
But it ended just before
I had made it home

Dreams sent to a broken sky
They’ll take away my life
And bring on an endless night
Time will keep its desperate hold
Its hands around my throat
With nowhere else to go
There’s nowhere else to go
Track Name: The Hardest Part
Woke up in a panicked state
I was so afraid that nothing would be
What I wanted
I took stock of everything
Then realized that you were a liability
To me

I get so tired of unraveling
Nothing ever working
So I face what I was hiding all along
Without you I think I could be
Happier than with you maybe
You would finally learn to stop avoiding

Spent too long without a spine
Always putting up with all your demons
Covered in weakness
But now I finally realize
That I must be the one to close the door on us
And get out

This is the way
This is the hardest part
This is the hardest part of us

Maybe I was wrong
Maybe you were wrong, maybe
But does it really matter?
It’s too late to place blame
We’ve ruined everything

Maybe I was first
Maybe you were first maybe
But does it really matter
What we’ve got is an ending
We must face
Track Name: When the End Arrives
Move very slowly
Toward the exit sign
Stay very calm
No need to panic
Follow the blue lights
Help will arrive
Stay very orderly
And we will survive

A world out of order
Violence abounds
No way back down
We are too far gone
Relief has become a myth
Stay our of this
No need to call your god

We have ourselves to blame
For all that’s become of us
No one we can name
Who started the fall
Who started the fall?

No one said it would be easy
Take off that blindfold that you hide behind
Nowhere to run to when the end arrives
We will be left to justify our own lives

Do you remember
Not seeing colors
Or disorders
Before we learned to discriminate?
Do you remember
Living in the now
Not wondering how
The future would affect you?

Dear god
I don’t want to be here
When the spark ignites the fire
I want a place to take cover
But there will be nowhere to hide
Dear god
Have you forgotten us?
We try everything but love to find
Our way out of this disaster
That we call our lives
Track Name: Maybe For A Minute
Hurry up, then wait
I get caught in your haze
Two years after the fact
You landed right back here

We never found our way
But still I’m connected
Thought I’d pushed you away
But you here you are again

This is the story you’ve made of me
This is an hourglass running 11:59

I thought maybe for a minute
You might want me back again
But then I was reminded
Of the way it what then
I thought maybe for a minute
I might want you back again
You looked right into me
Saw right through me

How many times can I weep
For what I’ve lost from you
Barely able to sleep
Surrounded by pain

This is the story you’ve made of me
This is an hourglass running 11:59

You know I don’t know the way
To find where my love is
I weave a twisted story
Of what I feel, of what is real
You know I adored you
And in a way I guess I always will
But we are far too fragile
To reconcile, to end the denial
Track Name: Opaline
I was far too lost to discover
Six of one but none of the other
I slid myself toward the fire
But I’d never burn
I could see what happened before
I could see them closing the door
For years I let all the water
Fill up my lungs

I could hear the sound of your flood
Cascading down toward my flood
I slid myself into what would
Be my revenge
Underneath the memories of anger
Lay your cloak and dagger
You had a way of crashing
Right in to me

What happened was all your fault
Why would you deny it?


In the depths a figure was hiding
All dressed in black and deciding
If she would come to devour
Our falsified life
You never wanted to be
What you claimed to forsee
For yourself so I sat waiting

What happened was all your fault
Why would you deny it?


You could have tried a little harder
To fix this
But somehow you made me believe
That this was all we could be
Track Name: Shut You Down
Snap went the ropes
And the wall came down
It was quite a show
I used to know
Your best friend well
You and despair were inseparable

I was there when your lips first said it
Shot me down I cannot forget it
You reduced me to nothing then
You produced a destructive trend
That was there and that was then
I don’t know how but I know just when
I began to shut you down
I began to shut you down

Crash went my heart
And the wound was born
Never there before
I used to care
Where your love for me was
After that I’d had quite enough

I turned away from
Our façade of a life
And started the hell fires
No chance to remain in
What was once my life
This has changed me
Track Name: Highway
Tell me you might find your faith again
Give me a time, I’ll see you then
I’ll give this another chance
Highway stretching out in front of me
I’ll be there by the morning
When we’ll see more clearly

If you need I can believe for you
If you try I can survive for both of us
I can be what you need me to be

I know there was a time when we both
Tried to give up but we won’t
Were so much more than we know
So please don’t tell me you’ve given up hope
We’ve come too far to let go
Give me a chance to show you love

You are stronger than your agony
Give it time and I know you’ll see
Everything I can see
Sunrise is casting out its blue light
I’ll get to you just in time
For our day to finally shine

If you need I will bleed for you
If you try I will supply to you
What you need, I can give everything

I can find you anywhere, any time
I can give you back your life
Track Name: I Promise Love
We were lost inside a dream
You floated across the crystal sea
And delivered us from what we believed
While angels sang a song for me
There’s a waterfall of what I wished
And seven prayers to handle this
I couldn’t speak from the beauty there
I didn’t dare

We were lost inside a scene
Where spirits called right out to me
And I could see them easily
For I was open to believe
There’s a waterfall of what could be
If I would heal the tragedies
Of a life where nothing ever seems to be easy

Open your soul up and look inside
Sleeping the love that won’t be denied

One world where we all fit together well
It could be, but we make it hard for us
A solace is coming
On the summer winds
No pain or disaster
I promise love

We were lost inside ourselves
But we didn’t car to get back out
There was a light that we rushed toward
And a bright and shining silver cord
There was no disease
And no confusion
We didn’t get caught in our delusions
And I was happy to be there
In the pure air

Open your heart up and see inside
Still full of love that won’t be denied