Memories and Photographs

by Casey Stratton



This album contains 2 bonus tracks available exclusively here and at "When You Go" and "Done For" will not be featured on iTunes or other online retailers.


released September 1, 2009

All songs written, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Casey Stratton


all rights reserved



Casey Stratton Grand Rapids

Formerly signed to Sony Classical, Casey Stratton has experienced the corporate side of music in full force. His 2004 album "Standing at the Edge" received high critical praise from the likes of Billboard, People and USA Today. His song "House of Jupiter" reached #1 on the Billboard Dance/Club Play Chart. Now independent, Casey has released 28 albums and much, much more. ... more

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Track Name: Highway

Tell me you might find your faith again
Give me a time, I’ll see you then
I’ll give this another chance
Highway stretching out in front of me
I’ll be there by the morning
When we’ll see more clearly

If you need I can believe for you
If you try I can survive for both of us
I can be what you need me to be

I know there was a time when we both
Tried to give up but we won’t
Were so much more than we know
So please don’t tell me you’ve given up hope
We’ve come too far to let go
Give me a chance to show you love

You are stronger than your agony
Give it time and I know you’ll see
Everything I can see
Sunrise is casting out its blue light
I’ll get to you just in time
For our day to finally shine

If you need I will bleed for you
If you try I will supply to you
What you need, I can give everything

I can find you anywhere, any time
I can give you back your life
Track Name: Sea Change
Sea Change

They say that change is coming
It just takes some time
So I will gladly wait while sitting quietly
Destroyed and broken, in good company
I know I am not the only one
Who is feeling the effects of 8 long years

Our sea change it may be slow in coming
At least we’ve been dealt back in the game

We tore up the bushes from this landscape
And now I feel much better
I can see beyond the chaos that surrounds us all the time
I know I am not the only one
Who is feeling that we took long-awaited steps

We have decided to break vicious cycles
Maybe we can prevail
Track Name: What If?
What If?

What if this is all there is?
Just a memory and a photograph of you
What if I don’t get you back?
Is there any point in trying?
What if this is all I get?
Your old T-shirt and an empty bed
Are you ever coming back?
Do I ask you that too often?

Is it so?
Have you thrown out all the signs of you and me?
Have you ever wondered if we’re meant to be?
I can tell you honestly I don’t know
But I hope so

What if I end up alone?
Full of bitterness and thousands of sad songs
Would you ever really know?
Would it make a bit of difference?

Why did we cut the cord?
Did we fall on the sword?
Did we close the open door?
And why did I ever let you go?
Did I dim your glow?
Will I ever really know?
Track Name: I Fail Again
I Fail Again

Will you tell me what you’re thinking
I can’t read between these lines
A broken window let these doubts in
We never seem to win this game

What once was clear
Seems to disappear

I fail again
I don’t know when
I lost your love
Is nothing enough?

I spent too long blaming myself
I think it’s you who closes up
Can’t you let yourself be happy?
Can’t you choose another way?

What once was here
Has now disappeared

Where was I when you started to change?
How could I have missed it?
Track Name: The Hundredth Time
The Hundredth Time

No you cannot explain
Heard enough today to last a lifetime
No you can’t stay here
I have faced my fear of you leaving

Your front line is not as fierce as mine

We built a life
Then watched it die
For the hundredth time
Let’s say goodbye

Yes I’ve thought this through
This time I will really do what I mean to
Yes we had a few good times
But in the end it wasn’t enough to keep me here

Your bottom line must be lower than mine

I have hoped and I have prayed
But I must face the choice I’ve made
And when some time has passed I know
You’ll understand why I had to go
The deepest scar will fade in time
And I will have a better life
For you I wish the best as well
When we break our evil spell
Track Name: Broken Sky
Broken Sky

Fall into darkened clouds
Rain upon the ground
I can feel you seeping into me
One day I’ll find the strength
To learn to make the rain
But for now I need it from you

Still pushing against the wind
Covered in shame and sin
I need to be absolved of this
When time stands still and dies
We’ll say our last goodbyes
And I’ll be on my own

When dreams are sent into a broken sky
They’ve got no chance to fly
And I’ve dreamed away my life
So please tell me everything you know
Show me how you’ve made this so
Cause I’ve got no place to go

Not sure how I lost my way
Tried to go but I stayed
I can’t seem to play this game
I thought I’d found the road
But it ended just before
I had made it home

Dreams sent to a broken sky
They’ll take away my life
And bring on an endless night
Time will keep its desperate hold
Its hands around my throat
With nowhere else to go
There’s nowhere else to go
Track Name: The Most Human Thing
The Most Human Thing

Underneath all my anger
Lie the pieces I’m trying to find
Gets too hard to move on from you
When my heart refuses to let go
The most human thing I’ll ever know

Sometimes you know it’s just the wrong fit
But still you fight against what makes sense
All alone with yourself you’re resigned to it
But your heart refuses to let go
The most human thing you’ll ever know

Under sky
Under blue
Under clouds
Is the truth

Life is hard enough without holding patterns
Without the longing for what’s in the past
All alone with myself I know this
But my heart refuses to let go
The most human thing I’ll ever know
Track Name: Slow Motion
Slow Motion

You were busy promoting
Your hatred speech
I was busy imploding
Nothing I could reach
And it was like slow motion when the time came
I had drank your poison potion made of acid rain

You were what they wanted
Had the loudest voice
I was closed and guarded
You gave me no choice
And it was like slow motion when the day came
I had built up my devotion to you just the same

You talked a good game then
You made us all believe
When the judgment day came
That we would all be saved
We lifted up our hands then
We waited for a sign
But the magic was gone
We were very wrong

You could find any weakness
You stored them away
But to us you were sweetness
We had all been played
Still it was like slow motion when the time came
Would have done anything you wanted without any shame

You were like a shepherd
And we were nothing but sheep
You held us in a spell
And put our will to sleep
And you were all we needed
We could conquer all the pain
But in the end disaster waited in the rain
Track Name: Shut You Down
Shut You Down

Snap went the ropes
And the wall came down
It was quite a show
I used to know
Your best friend well
You and despair were inseparable

I was there when your lips first said it
Shot me down I cannot forget it
You reduced me to nothing then
You produced a destructive trend
That was there and that was then
I don’t know how but I know just when
I began to shut you down
I began to shut you down

Crash went my heart
And the wound was born
Never there before
I used to care
Where your love for me was
After that I’d had quite enough

I turned away from
Our façade of a life
And started the hell fires
No chance to remain in
What was once my life
This has changed me
Track Name: When You Go
When You Go

I crawl back inside this cage
I go back inside the house
I am nothing without you
Was never much when I was with you just the same

Running out of time is not an option
Losing more than this would be unjust

So when you go
Please leave the better memories
By the door
So I can pack them with my things
And when I go
I’ll try to paint the best of you
And forget the way I see you now

I go back inside my sorrow
I go back inside my head
And I’ll bet you’ll move into your next mistake
While I turn this over year to year

Running out of hope is not an option
Losing more of myself is all my choice

This is a one-way exchange
No time to rearrange events and make this fly
Track Name: Love in Flames
Love in Flames

Is this the game that we’re playing now?
I’m not sure about his
Never really was
Tell me the name we will call this
When they come to ask us
Why we’re stained in blood

You turn around in circles
You always do
I’ve learned to see your signals
And hide from you

When love is in flames it melts the core
You burn in a rage forevermore

I will never be who I was before
I tried in vain to love you
You could not accept love
And I can trace the blame back to both of us
But still I think you gave up
Long before I did

You turned around in circles
You always did
I learned to see your signals
And hide from it

Buried alive with this music inside
That haunts all my days
With the sound of us
And I’m still here burning
While you’re living your life
Track Name: Coming Back For More
Coming Back For More

I was wrong when I guessed the code
This door won’t open for me anymore
And it’s all for the best as far as I’m concerned
Three times I’ve burned
Consider this a lesson learned

Still silence brings unease to a lonely night
I can hear you say, “We both know this isn’t right”
But how can I put you away
When I’ve lost the key?
So I leave you out in the open to torture me

For now, for then
I grieve

I keep on coming back for more
Each time I’m wiser than before
Still I fall through the trap door in the floor
Yet I keep on coming back for more

When you left me far from home I should have known
That your levels of radiation could kill my soul
Still it would a few years before I finally learned
That for you, you’re the only one who deserves concern

For now, for then
I grieve

You’ve shown me your other side
You’ve shown me your other side

On the floor
Falling for
What I know
I will go
I will show
I will glow
I will know
I will go
Track Name: Time Will Melt Us Away
Time Will Melt us Away

I heard the way you said my name
And I saw the way your movements changed
Hard as it is I think I’ve forgiven you
Neither of us the same
It’s time to move on

When all is said and done
We learned the hard way

And I know that you will be OK
I know that time will melt us away
Time will melt us away

We gave as much as we could give
But in the end I know why I did what I did

When all is said and done
We couldn’t escape from it

You can think of me
In a life that’s more than free
And I will think of you
And be happy when I do
Track Name: Done For
Done For

Fade out again
Frame by frame we end
Turn to face me then
We’ll both know just when

We’re done for this time
No hope for this life

Night falls again
Hour by hour we end
I will give you back
As we fade to black

We’re done for this time
No hope for this life